An additional show brag from us


On the left,

Sancho, Kyomi Sancho Panza

On the right,

Gally, Kyomi Galahad


Sancho and Gally are doing extremely well on the show bench, helping to raise awareness for the breed in order for the Oriental Caramels to reach Championship Status.
We are so very proud of both boys who are being shown in excellent condition and would like to thank and Congratulate their owners - Caroleen, Sancho's owner, James, Gally's owner, Peter for showing Gally, for all their achievements to date.


North West Show 27th September 08

Cj was awarded Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed.


Chester & North Wales Show 9th August 08

Gr. Ch. Niterap Chestnut Brown

Cj was awarded Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed.


Caramel & Apricot Federation
1st Sanction Show
3rd May 2008 
Kyomi Galahad (37n)
1st Open class, Best of Breed
and just to round off a lovely day!
Best in Show Oriental



Preston and Blackpool Cat club Show

29th March  2008

Sensay Silky Sue Seal Point Siamese (Lulu) 1st Open,

her 2nd CC, also 2 x 1st & 1 x 3rd in her side classes.

Making his Debut

Kyomi Galahad Oriental Caramel (Gally)

 1st Open, Best of Breed, also 2 x 1st & 1 x 2nd in 3 of his side classes.

Thanks for all the lovely compliments we received, he stole a few hearts!!!


Coventry  & Leicester Cat Club Championship  Show

23rd February 2008

Kyomi Sancho Panza (37n)
became the 7th qualifier towards the Oriental Caramels gaining Championship status
1st Open  BOB  & his 3rd IC 
Well done & Thank you Caroleen


The Shropshire Cat Club Championship  Show

2nd February  2008

Grand Champion Niterap  Chestnut Brown

was awarded  his  2nd Reserve  Imperial Grand CC

at the  same show

Sensay  Silky  Sue

was awarded her 1st CC

also there today

was the son of

Grand Champion Niterap  Chestnut Brown

Kyomi Sancho Panza

awarded 1st place, his  2nd IC and the Best of Breed

thank you to  his owner

Caroleen for loving and showing him so  well


North West  Championship Show

29th September 2007

Sensay  Silky  Sue

made her  debut and was awarded

First  place and Best  of  Breed

9th September 2007

We Proudly Congratulate
Champion Kyomi Willow Thewisp
Lexi (29) 
on gaining her Title in 3 straight shows.
Thanks to her owners Katie & Neil Price
for showing Lexi so well,
Thanks also to her Judges.


The Shropshire Cat Club Show

3rd Febraury 2007

Champion Niterap  Indigoa Blue

was awarded   a  Grand Champion  Certificate


Cheshire Area Cat Club Show

11th November  2006


We are delighted to say  that  CJ

Champion Niterap  Chestnut Brown

was  made  a  Grand Champion










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